October 2, 2012
Board Election Town Hall Meetings

On Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30, SF Zen Center’s Board Chair Mary Morgan convened Town Hall Meetings at City Center and Green Gulch Farm. Candidates Bruce Fortin, Fu Schroeder, and Dennis McNally attended. The fourth candidate, Helen Degenhardt, had a long-standing family commitment that prevented her from being present.

Bruce Fortin, Fu Schroeder, Helen Degenhardt, Dennis McNally

The candidates talked about the paths that had led them to Zen Center and to volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors. They also responded to questions from the members who attended. The topics ranged from the role and responsibilities of the Board, the candidate selection and election process, the continuing effort to increase diversity on the Board, programs for children, the “fourth practice center” (our web presence), and individual visions for the future of Zen Center. All in all, those who attended came away with a more personal knowledge of who the candidates are, and the candidates left with food for thought about the many issues they will be addressing and considering as members of the Board.