September 24, 2012
Board Election 2012

At its September 19 meeting, the SFZC Board nominated this year’s Slate of Candidates for three-year Board terms. Each candidate has a demonstrated deep commitment to practice and to Zen Center. Their areas of expertise are needed on the Board, and they have clearly demonstrated their qualifications and capacity to lead, focus and guide Zen Center through these challenging times.

Left to right: Bruce Fortin, Fu Schroeder, Helen Degenhardt, Dennis McNally

For biographical information and statements please follow the link to the Board Election Governance page. If you would like to speak with any of the candidates please e-mail Deborah Russell, SFZC Secretary, for contact information.

We thank our candidates, who are prepared to contribute many hours each month, supporting our mission, vision, and the Widening of the Circle.

With a deep bow,
Brian McCaffrey
Board Development Chair