August 28, 2012
Work Practice Apprenticeship at GGF

The Green Gulch Farm Work Practice Apprentice Program offers three- and six-month programs to those interested in beginning or continuing residential Zen practice with the support of a community.

Lindisfarne Guest House. Photo by Gyokuden Steph Wenderski

Work Practice Apprentices participate in the daily life of Green Gulch, which includes zazen (sitting meditation), services (sutra chanting), assignment to a work crew, informal study, and meals. We also offer zazen instruction, classes and lectures on Buddhism, and the opportunity for discussions and meetings with teachers and practice leaders.

Start dates are generally the second week of April, July and October. January-February dates are determined based on Green Gulch Farm’s needs.

NOTE: Upcoming start dates are October 11, 2012, January-February 2013 TBA, and April 10, 2013.

Prior to acceptance to the Work Practice Apprentice program, you must complete two weeks as a Guest Student. During your second week as a Guest Student you will meet with the Director and Head of Practice to discuss your readiness to enter the Work Practice Apprentice program. Please see the Guest Student Page for more details on scheduling your Guest Student Stay.