August 9, 2012
New Sitting Group in San Carlos

First meeting: Sunday, February 5, 2012, 5:00 – 6:00pm

NEW MEETING TIME: Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm – posted Aug 9, 2012

200 Industrial Road #122
San Carlos, CA


Photo by Tom Ingalls

Renshin Bunce, a former resident of Tassajara and City Center, is starting a sitting group on the Peninsula. Renshin was ordained by Blanche Hartman in 2003 and has been training with Myogen Steve Stücky since 1996. She works as a hospice chaplain. Renshin writes:

I am starting a sitting group on Sunday evenings on the Peninsula, and hope you can join me. I suggest that we come together and sit for 40 minutes, then have a 20 minute discussion period – just basic practice, to finish our weekends together.

Contact info:

Chairs will be available, but please bring your own cushions.

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