August 6, 2012
Healing with Qigong and Zen

Liping Julia Zhu, L.Ac., a certified Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, will pair with Jisan Anna Thorn, a practice leader at Green Gulch Farm, to  enhance the flow of the body’s vital energy and bring mental peace to participants in their upcoming Qigong and Zen retreat.

“Tassajara itself has the sacred Qi field for healing, with its hotsprings, singing creek, and serene mountains.  You can’t find a better setting for this Qigong practice,” said Liping. “I love coming to Tassajara, where we are all well fed with the deliciously and lovingly prepared gourmet vegetarian food and have several concentrated periods of Qigong and Zazen each day instead of being distracted from phones, computers and work. The healing can be so much more profound with that ease and focus.”

Liping continued; “During this retreat, you will become intimate with your own Qi or energy and learn about how to nourish your Qi, how to expel sick Qi and how to calm your mind. Different from Tai Chi, Qigong has very few moves to remember and can be gently done  in sitting, standing and lying down positions and is suitable for different physical conditions.” As her co-leader Jisan Anna Thorn put it, “The serenity of Tassajara, [with its] years and years of accumulated zazen, are supportive of any energy work that follows the intention to liberate heart and mind and free the body.”

We hope you’ll give your body and mind a special treat at Tassajara before the guest season comes to a swiftly approaching end! For more and to sign up for this early September retreat, visit our website.