August 6, 2012
Alumni Picnic to Celebrate Green Dragon Temple’s 40th!

Zen Center Alumni Event
Green Gulch Farm
Sun, Aug 12, noon-4pm

Photo by Gyokuden Steph Wenderski

Help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of Green Gulch Farm in its Zen Center incarnation and enjoy the company of old friends. Bring food, bring the kids, we’ll provide tea and cake. Come for the Sunday program* beforehand if you like, then join us on the lawn at noon for lunch and festivities. We particularly hope to see a good turnout of former farm apprentices, to honor all those who have labored wholeheartedly in the fields over the years and the beautiful land that made it all possible.

*The speaker on Sun, Aug 12, at 10:00am is Senior Dharma Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson