July 18, 2012
Remembering David
David Coady at Tassajara

David Coady at Tassajara (2007). Photo: Renshin Bunce

An informal gathering to mark the one-year anniversary of David Coady’s death will be held on Sunday, July 22 at 5pm.

Sunday, July 22
5-7 p.m.
SF Zen Center Conference Center
308 Page Street
San Francisco

Anyone who knew David is welcome to attend.

Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky emailed members of the City Center sangha to say he’d be at Tassajara during the gathering. At Tassajara, they’ll be holding an anniversary memorial service on the 21st and an Oban ceremony the evening of the 22nd.

Abbot Steve continued:

As Patrick Arbore has reminded us, grieving is a life-long deepening of experience. All our lives are enriched by these ways we have to recognize that our connections with each other are already greater than our usual ideas of birth and death. Please enjoy each other’s company as you remember our friendship with the one we called “Coady.”

Please feel free to bring food, beverage, music, stories, photos, or other memorabilia that remind you of David.




  1. Sandra Coady

    It is three years since our Beloved Son David Joseph Coady left us and he is in our hearts and minds every day. We are always grateful for the time that he spent at both Tassajara and City Center. The kindness of his Sangha and happy times with all of you will always be remembered. Gratefully, His Family

  2. Sandra Coady

    I apologize for not including Green Gulch Farm as he lived there for a time too.

  3. Jim Fitton

    I reentered the Zen Center community in 2009, moving into City Center where I stayed for one year, and then to Tassajara. I remember David Coady as a lively, spirited fellow who possessed the most remarkable sense of humor. On those occasions when we worked together in the City Center kitchen, the tone was always fun and unpredictable.
    My first Summer at Tassajara, I was caught up in the hubbub of guest season, and doing my best to adapt to life in the valley. On a day off, when David was visiting, he brought me to the beautiful tree platform on the overlook trail. In my time at Tassajara, I spent many a peaceful hour there.
    My last memory of David – I was washing pots in the kitchen, standing at the sink. Outside the window, along came David, thumbing his nose at me. I never got around to thanking him for that.

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