July 10, 2012
Not One, Not Two

A Vipassana and Zen Retreat

Furyu Nancy Schroeder and Larry Yang invite you to experience the benefits of opening the mind and relaxing the heart from two lineages of the Buddha’s Teachings in their August 20-23 retreat.

“Tassajara is one of the gifts of this incredible Earth,” said Larry, who teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the East Bay Meditation Center, and is on the Board of both organizations. “Our different lineages of practice are the gifts of theAltar by David SilvaBuddha’s legacy. My dear relationship with Fu is a gift of our collaboration and spiritual friendship across traditions. The ability to share and experience the Dharma is so precious an opportunity in this lifetime. What more perfect conditions could exist than to be in spiritual community and in connection across the spectrum of the Buddha’s Teachings, in order to explore paths to liberation. I cannot think of anything that I would rather explore, experience, or practice.”

Fu, who has been a resident of SFZC for over 30 years and currently directs the Family and Childrens Programs at Green Gulch Farm, adds,”Each summer I plan a return to Tassajara as a way of nourishing my practice and joining with others who have taken the long road into the mountains. Larry and I have grown a special friendship as co-leaders of LGBT retreats for several summers. This year we are very happy to be bringing our work as teachers in two of the major Buddhist traditions now growing roots in the west…Zen and Vipassana.” Larry and Fu “will be offering meditation instruction and basic teachings as we highlight the ‘sameness and difference’ between our traditions.” The schedule will allow for “ample time to enjoy the beauty of the canyon, the water, the sound of Zen ritual and of course the fabulous food. We will have time to socialize and also to meet privately for Dharma discussion if participants wish to do so.”