June 22, 2012
Living with Morgan: The View from Within

300 Page Street residents, past or present:

This is the only building in the Julia Morgan celebration that has residents that are able to comment on the EXPERIENCE of living in one of her buildings.

Participants: Anyone who is currently living or who has lived at City Center.

For the Zen Center 50 Event:
Living with Morgan: The View from Within
Opening reception: Fri, Oct 5, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, City Center
Artwork and writing by current and past residents of 300 Page Street

300 Page Street in 1922

In photographs, writing, painting, poem, whatever you would enjoy doing, using one of the phrases below, please express your experience of living in the 300 Page building designed by Morgan.

  • Today or when you lived at 300 Page, what was a detail in the building you noticed and were grateful for?
  • Give advice to Julia Morgan about the design of your current room or the room(s) you once lived in.
  • Write a letter to a person who is going to visit. They want to know what the building is like.

Hard copy: Marcia’s basket in the City Center Office or on the door of room #37
Digital: ccgarden@sfzc.org

Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your view. Please respond by the end of July.

300 Page Street in 2005

The exhibit will invite the viewer to see/read impressions of what it’s like to live in a Morgan building in the year 2012 — a space that was created in 1922.