June 4, 2012
Coming of Age Program 2012-2013

For 7th and 8th Grade Boys and Girls

September 9, 2012 – May 12, 2013

Coming of Age 2011-2012

Sunday, September 9
Green Gulch Farm

Just as Siddhartha left the innocence and protection of his childhood palace to seek his own path and to discover what he had to bring into the world, so must all young people leave the total dependence of childhood behind and embark on the important and complex journey towards adulthood.

The Zen Center Coming of Age Program aims to offer guidance and support that facilitates youth in their journey towards forging new connections to themselves, their community, and the environment. It is also a formal celebration of that journey. We hope you will join us! Both new and returning students are welcome.

  • The boys’ and girls’ groups meet separately every month for nine months on Sunday mornings from 9:30 am until noon at Green Gulch Farm. The meetings culminate in a Coming of Age ceremony in the Zendo in May in which participants are honored and witnessed by their friends and family.
  • The curriculum for the program is based on Norman Fischer’s book Taking Our Places. Central activities include meditation, group council, ritual, journaling, and physical challenges. The program fosters in youth the ability to investigate with confidence the tools that will enable them to discover their path and take their place in the world as young adults. The form and content of the program will be primarily based on Buddhist practice and teachings, yet open to the cultural and religious backgrounds of the participants.
  • Each group consists of 4 to 10 youths. The mentors bring many years of commitment to Buddhist principles and practice to help prepare these youth for the challenging transitions ahead.

For more details, please see the page on our web site at SFZC.org.