May 11, 2012
Pathways to Gratefulness

A Network for Grateful Living (ANG*L) and luminaries from diverse fields will join together for Pathways to Gratefulness (PDF) – an unprecedented one-day conference celebrating the practice of grateful living based on the teachings of Brother David Steindl-Rast – at The Palace of Fine Arts on Saturday, June 23, 10am-5pm.

Pathways to Gratefulness is set forth to awaken the practice of gratefulness as attendees explore and engage through live conversation, music, and movement with renowned presenters from a variety of perspectives. The distinct group of invited guests includes celebrated poet David Whyte, cultural anthropologist and award-winning author Angeles Arrien, physicist Fritjof Capra, and entrepreneur and author Chip Conley, who will share dialogue, ideas and inspiration with additional standout speakers and panelists, including Anthony Chavez, Barrett Ersek, Dr. James Gordon, Chungliang Al Huang, Michael Lerner, PhD, Toni Powell, Dr. Brenda Wade, and Dr. Philip Watkins. Video presentations will be shown featuring Zoketsu Norman Fischer, W. S. Merwin, and Joan Halifax. Dr. Brenda Wade will emcee the event, and San Jose Taiko will conduct a live performance. The lead sponsor for Pathways to Gratefulness is Herst Wellness. Interviews and photos are available upon request.

Pathways to Gratefulness will encourage practices that support reconnection with one’s true potential and the evolution of being an increasingly connected, aware being. The event strives to provide a space for self-discovery and rejuvenation through a greater manifestation of the spirit of gratefulness in each of us. It also serves as a fundraiser to support the international outreach efforts of the non-profit organization, A Network for Grateful Living, which through its website ( offers free resources, as well as workshops, retreats, and local groups that teach people how to cultivate gratefulness. ANG*L aims to establish a spiral of learning, practice, and sharing that opens out into real-life action and service to society.