April 10, 2012
Being & Becoming

A Yoga and Zen Retreat

Join us as we bridge the gap between the effort of becoming and the ease of being.

Lisa Jansen

From May 10 – 13, “We will be surrounded by nature, the mineral baths, and Zen energy: I trust that this retreat will give students something unique that cannot always be accessed through the busyness of life,” assures retreat leader and yoga teacher Lisa Jansen. A few more words from Lisa, who will co-lead with Kodo Linda Galijan, on the retreat:

“Anytime I get to teach Yoga in a retreat setting that is set up to create an environment for students to drop into deeper states of meditation, like the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, I am honored!  My style is a natural fit for Tassajara — I focus on presence and use yoga as a tool to integrate mind and body so that one can rest inside of oneself. I love bringing into the yoga room my experience as a craniosacral therapist and I use guided meditations that can bring a student into a more fluid, or natural state of connection.  During the weekend, Linda will be offering Zen teachings and meditation, offering balance to assist awakening.”

Lisa is excited to host her current students and meet new ones.
Should you have questions about her yoga practice, please visit her website or contact Lisa directly.