March 13, 2012
April Art Exhibit at City Center

Angela Tirrell – Luminous Reflection, April 2012

Opening reception: Friday, April 6, 6:30 – 9 pm

Samarkand 2011-The journey is inside and outside: equilibrium ...

City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street, SF
April 1 – 30

Angela Tirrell, fine painter and muralist

I’m a painter who has created figurative and abstract pieces in public and private spaces across the United States. My drive to create works of artistic integrity is equaled by fascination with the complexity of the human condition.

I have always believed art is the most compelling reflection of all reality, can address the most horrific aspects or fantastically joyful experiences of life on earth in a way that provokes interest and reflection.

I like my role as reflector of life’s vicissitudes – and hope to serve creatively as a conduit for communication and rapprochement.

Caravan 2011-The inner landscape and the outer are one: acceptance ...

This is why I paint.

To view Tirrell’s decorative, restoration, and fine arts work, see her web site.