December 27, 2011
New Year’s at Zen Center

New Year’s Eve at City Center, begins at 8:30pm

New Year’s Eve at Green Gulch Farm, begins at 8:00pm

New Year’s Day at City Center, 9:00am

Great Bell at GGF

Great Bell at Green Gulch

City Center New Year’s Eve Schedule:
8:30pm Work Meeting, jobs assigned to “teams”
10:00pm Noodle Soup
10:30pm Han signals zazen in the zendo
10:45pm Zazen begins, during which the densho will be rung 108 times
12:00am Bonfire in the courtyard

Green Gulch Farm New Year’s Eve Schedule:
8:00pm Zazen in the zendo, during which there will be a break for noodles
The Great Bell will be rung 108 times during meditation
12:00am Bonfire and hot drink

New Year’s Day at City Center:
9:00am Procession to various altars, followed by a New Year’s toast on the roof