November 14, 2011
Center for Buddhist Studies Events

Thursday, November 17, 5pm
IEAS conference room, 2223 Fulton Street, 6th floor, Berkeley

Please join us for a public lecture “Vasubandhu’s Ultimate: How Scriptural Hermeneutics Lays the Foundation for a Yogācāra Mainstream” with Jonathan Gold of Princeton University

From flyer: “Vasubandhu is among the best known and most influential of Buddhist philosophers, but he is also extremely controversial and difficult to pin down. His scholarship is hounded on the one side by issues of dating and attribution, and on the other side by controversies over how to characterize his mature, Yogācāra philosophy. Yet even in the face of such complexities, it turns out to be fruitful to read works attributed to Vasubandhu for their conceptual continuity – in particular, their continuity on the nature of causality and the uses of scripture. This presentation paints a picture of how Vasubandhu’s works employ scriptural citations within philosophical arguments, noting parallels among diverse texts.”

This event is free. You can find further, up-to-date information about our events on our web site Buddhist Studies at UC Berkeley

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