September 15, 2011
Volunteer Opportunities at City Center

Opportunities in the Library, Kitchen Outreach, and Prison Correspondence Program


City Center Library

City Center Library


We would like to begin opening the library some evenings 6:30-7:30pm. All weekday nights are currently available. If you are interested, and can make a regular commitment, we will train you.

We are currently working on transferring the library catalog onto the computer. This is a job that can be done at any time during the week when you have time, for as many or as few hours as you can give it. It’s a great way to become familiar with the extensive collection of Buddhist literature that is the Zen Center library.



Food Distribution to Homeless People

City Center by JHicks

Making soup in the City Center kitchen


The Food Distribution project, an important part of Zen Center’s outreach program, has been dormant for awhile. We are looking for volunteers to help get it up and running again. Regular helpers are needed on Thursday afternoons from about 1-3:30pm.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is interested and able to be the project coordinator. This would involve a commitment to being here each week. A car or pickup is also an important requirement for this position. You would work with the volunteer coordinator, Jeffrey Schneider, to get the program up and running again.




Prison Correspondence Program


Many tools of Avalokiteshvara-one must be a writing instrument


There is an on-going need for volunteer pen pals for Buddhist prisoners. The program allows you to write to a prisoner while protecting your anonymity by using the Zen Center as a return address. We are also able to provide Buddhist books for prisoners at no cost to either the pen pal or the inmate. For the cost of a stamp and half an hour a month, you can make a significant difference in the life of an incarcerated man or woman.





If you are interested in any of these volunteer programs, please contact Jeffrey Schneider at or at 415.354.0379.