September 14, 2011
Ten Year Memorial Eko for 9/11

Special eko (dedication of merit) for September 11, 2011

GGF Zendo Altar by Tova Green

Green Gulch Altar: Photo by Tova Green

[Kokyo introduces chanting of]
Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra
[followed by] Loving Kindness Meditation
[followed by] Dai Hi Shin Dharani

[Kokyo chants alone]
May we awaken Buddha’s compassion and luminous mirror wisdom. On the ten year Memorial of the Disaster of 9-11-2001, having offered incense, flowers, light, sweet water, rice and tea, and chanted the Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra, Loving Kindness Meditation, and the Great Compassionate Dharani, we offer all merit and virtue to:

↑ The peace, well being, and safe passage of all those whose lives were taken in the events of that day and the past ten years.

The peace and well being of all those injured and affected by these acts.

To the healing and turning of the planners and perpetrators of all destructive actions, whose damaged hearts and clouded minds have created endless suffering for the present and future.

To the wisdom, patience, and loving kindness of all world leaders so that they may exercise restraint and care in their actions.

↓ May the words of these scriptures and words of dedication help heal this world of suffering and confusion.

May we with all our acts of body, speech and mind, from this day on, dedicate ourselves to peacefulness, so that the power of human goodness and kindness will overcome human folly and violent delusion. And may we and all beings find solace and strength in Buddha’s Way ~ ~

[All chant]
All buddhas, ten directions, three times.
All honored ones, bodhisattva-mahasattvas,
Wisdom beyond wisdom,
Maha Prajña Paramita

NOTE: A PDF version of this ceremony and San Francisco Zen Center versions of the sutras and the short verse [second line has been modified] at the conclusion of the ceremony can be found on our web site page Services, Sutras, Texts & Songs.