September 13, 2011
Celebrations and Preparations

as Fall Practice Period Approaches

As the last guests left Tassajara on Sunday, September 11, the community gathered in the courtyard and processed to the Tassajara gate for its annual closing ceremony.

Meditation Reflection

Meditation Reflected by Shundo David Haye

After a statement from Zenshin Greg Fain, everyone chanted the Heart Sutra while the gates were ceremonially closed, ushering in the beginning of work period and soon the Fall Practice Period.

In celebration of the guest season, residents and students gathered in the evening for a skit night and dance party, hosted in the retreat center. While a period of quiet followed the celebration of a beautiful summer season, life is again bustling in the valley as projects and preparations have begun in the week long work period.

Approximately 63 people will reside and practice at Tassajara this fall for the 88th practice period, which will be co- led by SFZC Abbot Myogen Steve Stucky and Sojun Mel Weitsman. Residents are diverse in age; they range from eighteen months to 83 years old.