August 19, 2011
“Fire Monks” News

Though Colleen Morton Busch, author of Fire Monks: Zen Mind Meets Wildfire at the Gates of Tassajara, doesn’t consider herself an expert in anything, she will be answering, on videotape for Mahalo, questions posted at this link. Book CoverShe says, “I’m eager to respond to questions about Zen practice, practicing with wildfire, how and why I wrote the book, or anything else under the sun.”

So post your questions and see what Colleen has to say.

Also, see an article, “How To Decide By Not Deciding” by Colleen in the August 18, 2011, Huffington Post.

UPDATE: The video interview with Colleen at Mahalo has been postponed. But you can post questions for her here (see her note below). [2011 08 22]

Joshua Sandeman
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