August 2, 2011
SFZC Leadership Program 2011-2012

The Leadership Program invites senior level professionals and senior residential staff to explore Board service and board committee opportunities in San Francisco Zen Center’s nine-month Leadership Program.

Group Photo

Back row: Fu Schroeder, Valorie Beer, Mark Lachman, Pat Goughan, Anne Connolly, Norma Fogelberg / Front row: Brian McCaffrey, Ted Dale, Robert Thomas, Jeff Lohrmann

Building relationships with senior members of our SFZC lay and monastic community and through discussions and trainings, the program seeks to provide an understanding of leadership within the organization. The program specifically focuses on the workings of the Board, the criteria for being a Board member, the needs of the Board that are being filled with each election and the impact of the Board on the organization. Service on a Board Committee is required for the nine months of the program.

The foundation of the SFZC Leadership Program is a shared Soto Zen practice, and a deep commitment to Zen Center’s mission, vision and values. Participants must have been a Zen Center member for at least one year.

Leadership at Zen Center comes through and is informed by our practice; however, incorporating our practice into daily leadership and our professional lives can be most challenging. To support us in our practice efforts, each workshop includes mediation and time to discuss practice and leadership. The program offers each participant the opportunity to deepen their connection to practice through practice discussions with our resident Leadership Program priest Valorie Beer.

The Leadership Program Commitments

  1. Five Saturday Morning Workshops explore the workings of SFZC, our unique challenges and our current needs. Each workshop is led by one of Zen Center’s most senior leaders.
  2. Attendance at two Board Meetings will further connect the Saturday workshop experience and the work of the Board, while building new relationships with Board members.
  3. The Board depends on the diligent work of Board Committees to research and recommend appropriate actions on a variety of situations and topics. Each participant joins a Board Committee for the nine months they are in the Leadership Program.

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The Enrollment Process for the Leadership Program

If you are interested in the Leadership Program we invite and encourage you to contact one of us for an application to the program. All applications are due no later than August 31, 2011 [date extended from August 15]. Once your completed application has been received, we will schedule a conversation with you to discuss your interest, questions, qualifications, time availability, practice and commitment to SFZC. Invitation letters to the Leadership Program will be sent September 1st and we will accept a maximum of 10 participants.

We welcome your interest and thank you for your willingness to consider expanding your contribution to SFZC. Please contact any one of us to discuss your involvement in the program.

With a bow,
Leadership Program Directors

Norma Fogelberg
Board Member
Chair Board Development

Brian McCaffrey
Leadership Program Graduate

Valorie Beer
Green Gulch Priest
Secretary of SFZC