July 27, 2011
Midlife Monkeygirls: Dharma Tennis

Caren at Midlife Monkeygirls remembers David Coady as a ‘dharma tennis’ partner and reflects on the allure of the idea of suicide:

David and I played tennis a few times last summer. It was there, on the tennis court, down at Dolores Park in the Mission, on a chilly San Francisco summer night, where I got to know him. He shared with me his struggles with the medications that he was taking, and his suicidal history. I shared with him my history. There we stood, rackets dangling from our hands, a ball bouncing intermittently, the tethered net between us, some cracks on the pavement of the court – two sarcastic zen students from Boston, expressing through gallow’s humor, the struggles to simply live, the angst of life, the frustrations of being out of shape in our 40’s, romanticizing what our backhand looked like when we were younger, and how alive we once felt on the tennis court.

via Midlife Monkeygirls (One Woman’s Midlife Crisis): Dharma Tennis



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