July 12, 2011
Video of Lou Hartman’s Funeral

Watch live streaming video from sfzc at livestream.com

View an unedited recording of the live video stream of Lou’s funeral held on March 13, 2011 in the Buddha Hall at Beginner’s Mind Temple, City Center.

Our apologies for the quality of the audio, which isn’t as clear as we would have hoped. Out of concern for the intimacy of the event, the ceremony wasn’t mic-ed and, for the most part, the speakers have their backs to the camera. But if you listen closely, maybe about 80% was captured and is audible.

Oh, the baby in front of the camera, who features rather prominently throughout, is Lou’s granddaughter, Lou. :)

List of speakers, from the Livestream chat transcript, identified as each person stepped forward:

Sojun Mel Weitsman
Kiku Christina Lehnherr
Ryushin Paul Haller
Dairyu Michael Wenger, statement from Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi

Lou’s dharma teachers:
Zokestu Norman Fischer
Eijun Linda Cutts
Abbot Myogen Steve Stucky
Gil Fronsdal
Judith Gilbert, statement from Richard Baker Roshi



Sangha members:
Taigen Dan Leighton, statement from David Chadwick
Ryumon Baldoquin
Marsha Angus
Ryumon Gutierrez-Baldoquin
Anna Thorn
Daigan Gaither
Diane Miller
Iva Jones
Kathie Fischer



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