June 9, 2011
Sangha in Recovery 2011-2012

Year-long Sangha in Recovery Program begins September 10

with Jeffrey Schneider and Tim Wicks
Buddha Hall by Florian BrodyThe Sangha, along with the Buddha and the Dharma, is one of the Three Refuges of Buddhism. It is the community of men and women who practice together. In recovery, we share our “experience, strength and hope” with one another. Encouraging each other in sangha helps us to realize our intention to live an awakened life.

The San Francisco Zen Center is offering, in three trimesters, a yearlong experience of Sangha for people in recovery. Events are scheduled to accommodate working men and women. Many in our community have found Buddhist practice and our work in recovery equally affirming. Those who join this group will commit to the practice of meditation, attending a class on basic Buddhist concepts, and meeting together and individually with the organizing teachers. This program is open to all men and women in recovery from substance abuse or behavioral disorder.

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Jeffrey Schneider has been practicing at San Francisco Zen Center, where he is a priest, since 1978. He began the Meditation in Recovery Group at Zen Center in 2000 and has led retreats on Buddhism and Recovery in a variety of venues. He is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and a member of the California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators.

Tim Wicks has been practicing Buddhism since 2000. He is a co-leader of Zen Center’s Meditation in Recovery program and the facilitator of the Meditation in Recovery program at Hartford Street Zen Center. Tim also teaches sewing Buddha’s robe (rakusu and okesa) at City Center. He is currently in the priest training program.