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Avalokitesvara statue

Interested in Being an Event Volunteer at SF Zen Center?

Volunteering includes free admission to a variety of Zen Center events.

SF Zen Center is gathering names of people interested in volunteering to help with various eventsóworkshops, readings, retreats, and so on. Read more


Prison Correspondence Program

There is an ongoing need for people willing to be pen pals to incarcerated practitioners. To be a correspondent you need not be a teacher, a longtime practitioner or any sort of expertójust a good spiritual friend.

All letters from prison are addressed to the Zen Center and forwarded to the pen pal (who may also use a pseudonym for added privacy) so that his/her home address is not given out.

We also have a fund which allows us to send dharma books to prisoners without charge.

For many of these prisoners we provide the only access to the Buddhist teachings available.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or in volunteering for it, please contact Outreach Coordinator Jeffrey Schneider at or 415 354-0379.