January 28, 2011
Empty Hand Zen Blog: Beloved Teacher (for Darlene)
Photo of Darlene Cohen and Susan Ji-on Susan Postal in 2008

Darlene Cohen and Susan Postal, Dharma Transmission, January 20, 2008. Photo courtesy of Empty Hand Zen Center.

From Susan Ji-on Postal, Darlene Cohen’s first Dharma heir, a reflective essay written during the last week of Darlene’s life:

Her Dharma name, Surei, means Great Spirit. Her Birthday, Halloween, invokes the whole spirit world. Together they capture something of her persona – vibrant, spirited, unafraid, aware of the unseen realms, and willing to take on and transform all demons. Born in Dayton, Ohio, her radiant natural beauty and quick penetrating mind were paired with tremendous passion to live life fully. Twice struck with devastating illness, she first fought long and hard to heal Rheumatoid Arthritis as a young mother. Recently, we have witnessed her tremendous determination to continue living as long as possible with Ovarian cancer. She did complete what she felt was her legacy, thus giving clear illustration of her second name, Kenpo, or Manifesting Dharma. With a great sense of fulfillment, she lived long enough to give Dharma Transmission for a second time – this time to two fine students in the Bay Area, Cynthia Kear and Sarita Tomayo.

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