January 21, 2011
The Big Old Oak Tree: Lou Hartman, 1915-2011

I lived with Lou Hartman at San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center from August of 2006 to December of 2009. When I first moved in, Lou would come to the basement zendo most every day for zazen, and take his seat. He always sat in the northeast corner. Later on, I found out that he sat there because that is one of the few seats where you sit facing an actual wall.

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  1. joshua halpern

    lou dated my mom before she married my dad, and then my dad and him became life-long friends until my dad got too ornery, though lou loved him. i interviewed him three times on my radio show on kwmr in pt reyes staion. i regarded him with great esteem. He was present with me, appreciated my choices, when i opened a cafe, when i moved onto the land, and began homesteading, lou was encouraging. i remember dinner at their house, new joe special, playing with his children, late on school nights, and then when i was in Ibsens enemy of the people, he came backstage and chatted with me. Lou! jai

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