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Zen Ritual: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Expressions of Forms

by Konin Cardenas

The class I’m offering on Zen ritual will look at the ways in which each one of us can connect at a profound, personal level with the ceremonies and activities of Zen. It means looking at formal practice from the place of our personal dharma position. That is, the class is about the ways in which ritual relates to us—individually, in community, and from the standpoint of the absolute. We’ll look at a number of ceremonies over the course of five classes, and talk about these layers of experience and how they deeply inform our practice. Read more


Freedom with Our Inner Critics: A Reflection by Dr. Lee Lipp

lee_lippThis morning I noticed that impatience, accompanied by inner critic thoughts, must have entered my house while I was sleeping last night. Not being awake to these visiting thoughts, I found myself entangled and fighting with them this morning as if thoughts had substance and were real. It was hard to remember that these were simply thoughts, not TRUTH. Read more


Beneficial Insight: A Testimonial from Meditation Training

by Shelley Adler, student

I’ve taken three of Lien Shutt’s classes: Meditation Training, Accessing Ease in Practice, and, most recently, Access to Zen. As part of my work as an educator in integrative medicine and end-of-life care, I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to experience many types of meditation training, offered by wonderful teachers of different traditions and backgrounds—but Lien’s approach has been uniquely impactful. Read more


The Great Creativity in Being Bodhisattvas

by Chris Fortin and Jaune Evans

Life—its essence/suchness—is creative. It is endless and vast creative possibility. Read more

Tassajara, fall 2002 (photo: Tova Green)

Featured Photo, May 21

From the archives (2002)

This summer, SFZC is pleased to again offer an Alumni Retreat at Tassajara, from July 11 to 14, 2014. SFZC alumni from all three temples (and all years) are warmly invited. Follow the link above for more information, and be sure to reserve your space now. Read more


Taking Mindfulness to Jail

A spotlight on SFZC outreach and volunteers, by Ethan Elder

Zen Center volunteer Ethan Elder offers regular meditation and stress reduction classes in the San Francisco women’s jail as part of City Center’s Yoga and Meditation in Jail Program. Here he shares some details of the work and reflects on his experience. Read more


Abriendonos a Zen y Yoga en Español

Por la primera vez este verano nos da mucho gusto ofrecer un retiro de Zen y Yoga en Español. Este retiro presentará las prácticas de Zen  y yoga dentro de un ambiente caluroso y familiar.

En esta entrevista con Myozen Joan Amaral y Mireya Segura, las maestras del retiro, exploramos lo que significa entrar en el mundo de Zen y yoga por medio de nuestro lenguaje nativo.

Read more


Green Gulch Launches Guest Program Apprenticeship

October 14 to January 27
Applications now accepted

The Green Gulch Farm Conference and Retreat Center, with its serene environment for personal retreats, meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops, is pleased to now offer an apprenticeship program. The new Guest Program Apprenticeship provides practical experience hosting guests in a temple environment while living in residence and following the practice schedule.


Jukai: Lay Ordination, April 19

Photo by Renshin Bunce Read more


Spring Sit-a-Thon 2014: Thanks to You!

Thank you to all who sat, donated, fundraised and volunteered for the Spring Sit-a-Thon that took place on Sunday, April 13.  It was a wonderful day and a big success.  Here are some photos of our day together. Read more