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Oyendo el Dharma en Español

Una entrevista con la Reverenda Konin Melissa Cardenas 
Por Lee Lipp, Coordinadora de Conciencia de Cultura e Inclusividad
(→ Go to English version)

Konin Cardenas es, entre muchas cosas, una maestra de Zen y una Latina de primera generación. En el Centro Zen de San Francisco (San Francisco Zen Center, SFZC) Centro en la Ciudad (City Center), ella guía “Dharma en Español”, un grupo de estudio de Zen en el lenguaje de español, el cual se reúne los miércoles de las 6:30 hasta las 7:30 de la noche, en el Salón de Arte. Ella respondió recientemente a unas preguntas curiosas de mí acerca del grupo y su experiencia con ello. Read more


Spring! And So the Work Begins, with Words from Myogen on Work Practice

Usually people do work with some complicated idea in their mind that is something extra. And so, in this simple practice we look at—okay, how can you let go of anything extra, and just put yourself wholeheartedly into the work at hand?

Inspiring Words on Work from a 2013 Interview with Myogen Steve Stücky, produced by Judith Keenan Read more


Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday with a Walk in the Park

After lecture, we all walk together across the street to Koshland Park, and there’ll be balloons, green grass, laughter, flowers, parasols, bubbles—this, we say, is wholesome activity.  —Mark Lancaster, “Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday,” April 7, 2012

Everyone is invited to join in celebrating Buddha’s Birthday at City Center on Saturday, April 5—a wonderful family event immediately following morning lecture. The annual outdoor ceremony incorporates forms that reenact parts of the traditional/mythical story of the Buddha’s birth. Read more


Warm Weather and Warm-Hearted Practice

This winter at Tassajara the weather has been very unusual–glorious, mild and clear, which we have all so deeply enjoyed.  The pool has been in continuous use, and on warm days there are even sunbathers .  Yet the enjoyment was mixed with deep concern about the drought.  The trees never really dropped their leaves, Tassajara Creek was low and murky, and the deer were so hungry that for several months they were living side by side with us in the valley, seemingly undisturbed by our presence.

Then the recent storms brought us lots of very welcome rain.  Read more


2nd Annual Spring Sit-A-Thon Set for April 13

Save the Date !

Read more

By Zenju (calligraphy is my name Dharma Ekai Zenju)

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Opening Still Breathing Meditation Center in Oakland

Grand Opening – March 16, 2014, 3 pm- 5 pm
A notice from Zenju, a recent former shuso (head student) at City Center in 2012, and teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center:

The Still Breathing Meditation Center grew from a simple desire to share a space that I had seen along my travels in Oakland. Read more


What Happens When Zen Teacher Edward Espe Brown Encounters the Puppet Ponce the Pig? A Small Aventure Tale for Grown-ups

Zen Master Deshan says, “Realizing the mystery is nothing but breaking through to grasp an ordinary person’s life.” I use that in the dedication to By All Means, my book about the stuffed pig Ponce. This is what I’m doing at my one-day retreats at Green Gulch—by all means—not just Zen, but—if you find something else useful you can use it.”  —Edward Espe Brown

Book Review by Catherine Gammon
By All Means, by Edward Espe Brown, illustrated by Margot Koch, with a painting by John Simpkins
Missing Links Press, San Francisco (112 pages)

Read more


All-Inclusive, Smiling Zen: An Introduction to Marblehead Zen Center

A Branching Streams Sangha Profile
By Al Flagg, sangha member (photos courtesy Marblehead Zen Center)

Below is the first in a series of occasional articles introducing sanghas affiliated with San Francisco Zen Center in the Branching Streams network, to give voice to our growing dharma family and share the flavor of the Suzuki Roshi lineage as expressed in different locations. As Al explains below what practice is like in coastal Massachussets, he communicates something of the sangha’s true flavor and what is most important there. Read more


Sounds of Green Gulch Featured on KALW

It’s a place where sound is shaped by a devotion to silence.  —KALW
They’re not music exactly, but they have patterns and the patterns communicate. They’re like a language of sound.  —Catherine Gammon Read more

Photo: Clare Hollander

SFZC Events for Wisdom 2.0 / Wisdom Week, February 10-13

Meditation Instruction and Talk on Wisdom from the Zen Perspective

Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology toward the organic, the gentle, the elegant and beautiful.  —E. F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered

Join the Wisdom 2.0 and the San Francisco Zen Center communities at SFZC City Center for these free, educational affiliated events during Wisdom Week 2014.

Read more