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The Heart of Silicon Valley: Introducing Zen Heart Sangha

A Branching Streams sangha profile

Zen Heart Sangha was established as a weekly sitting group in 1993 by Shungen Misha Merrill, senior dharma heir of Sensei Les Keido Kaye in the Suzuki Roshi lineage. Since that time, the group has grown in both size and maturity, forming a thriving nonresidential community with about 50 active members. We have practice places in both Menlo Park (Monday evenings) and Woodside (Saturday mornings), California, as well as several retreat days a year in various locations. Read more


Early Fall News and Reflections from Green Gulch Farm

The lovely bird song of summer is now replaced by occasional bird calls and lots of industrious rustling in bushes and dry grasses. The hills are brown and water is scarce. The air is a little cooler with a suggestion of rain. Read more

(c) Sacaramento Bee / Manny Crisostomo

Retreating and Resetting at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

Article by Jack Chang from the Sacramento Bee

In this article for a Sacramento newspaper, published earlier this month, Jack Chang describes his stay at our temple in Marin County, where he fell into the experience with beginner’s mind: Read more


October Photography Exhibit by Judith Keenan Shows “Some of What I’ve Seen”

Judith Keenan has been taking photographs at Zen Center’s locations and beyond for several years, and her skill and eye for composition are widely admired. Don’t miss her show all next month, as well as the artist’s reception on October 9.  See details. Read more


Results from Ceramics Sale for Outreach Programs

Through Richard Urban’s generous donation of his pottery, and the generosity of those who purchased pieces from the show (September 19 – 26), we collected over $1200. Read more


A Book Reading of Zenkei Blanche Hartman’s Seeds for a Boundless Life

Friday, October 16, at 7:30 pm
City Center

Join us for an evening celebrating the teaching of Senior Dharma Teacher Zenkei Blanche Hartman. Zenkei’s dharma heirs, fellow teachers, students and friends will read passages from her book Seeds for a Boundless Life, where her clear transmission of Dharma comes through in a voice that few others can render. Read more


Say Yes!

An Update from Linda Galijan, the Tassajara Director

Tanto Greg Fain gave the last dharma talk of the summer guest season on Saturday night, expressing deep appreciation of the remarkable strength of the students’ practice this summer, and gratitude for our guests and friends, who have supported Tassajara in so many ways. He talked about jumping off the 100 foot pole and saying, ‘Yes! to life.’  Then he repeated his teachings in verse at skit night following the gate closing ceremony:  Jam Master Ven Fresh (Greg) and MC Eric B(erman) taking it to the next level—check it out! Read more


New Website Compiles Teaching and Poetry of Daigan Lueck

A new website has been created to commemorate Daigan Lueck, who lived and taught at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center for many years until his death this past spring. Read more


Featured Photo, September 9

Photo by Romy Senderos

Roses gracing the garden at Tassajara, where the final days of guest season are approaching–this weekend. Read more

Practice period group at Tassajara with Tatsugami Roshi (center) and Joanna Bull (furthest right, standing).

Supported by Community, Grounded in Practice

Joanna Bull, an SFZC member for five decades, tells her story from the East Coast

In 1968 a young woman, Joanna Bull, was spending a few months in Woodstock, NY. A guest of Bob Dylan’s manager, she hung out with Bob and the Band, listened to great music and looked for a clear path amid the big party. While living on the compound (built in 1812), Joanna saw a ghost. Intrigued, she made a trip to the bookstore, where she discovered Alan Watts’ The Spirit of Zen. Read more