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January 22, 2018


Featured Photo January 25

Del Carlson with Issan Dorsey in the garden of Hartford Street Zen Center. Date and photographer unknown.

Del Carlson (link is to Del’s San Francisco Zen Center’s “The Great Leap” memorial posting) passed away on November 7, 2017. Among his belongings were items and photographs (including these) that he indicated should be given to San Francisco Zen Center.

Del Carlson with Norman Fischer. Date and photographer unknown.


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    Jan 24 2018

    So where was everyone when he was living alone in a retirement community in Florida. He expressed how alone and abandoned he felt by SFZC on Cuke website. The silence of the compassion is deafening.

    • Sangha News editor
      Jan 25 2018

      I heard that he felt that, and was sorry to hear it. Del was a deeply loved person at SF Zen Center, as can be seen from the photo of him with Norman and the video included in his memorial on The Great Leap blog page. I don’t know the circumstances of his feelings of abandonment. He was a pivotal part of my experience of the Tassajara summer kitchen, in particular, but we were not close friends. He could be a bit “touchy” but I always felt the caring and gentleness that was underneath.

  2. Kai Harper Leah
    Jan 25 2018

    Ed Brown used to say, when an employee at Greens left….
    “gone is gone”.

    I think that is true about ZC, if you are not there, you are gone.

    Feb 14 2018

    I remember Del during Tassajara summers, that I will never forget. Wherever he is now, I hope he really feels the love that so many of us have for him. He is like no one else. He is the real deal.


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