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October 12, 2016


Why Did You Become a Member of SFZC?

Our members provide vital financial support so that we may continue to offer free public programs, talks, and daily sittings to all those who seek the Dharma. What motivates people to become members of San Francisco Zen Center?

Why do our members choose to contribute to the financial stability of our organization by making a regular contribution?

We asked a number of our members. These are some of the responses we received:


“To become a better person!” —Joe


“I am tremendously supported by the Zen Center community. So I want to support Zen Center. We are all connected.” —Kathy


“All the dharma values are reflected in this place. The community are special people to connect with.” —Elaine


“To learn how to live and accept my own challenges, and to teach my sons to be the best humans we can be.” —Pamela

As a member of San Francisco Zen Center, you will join a diverse group of over 1,200 people from 36 states and 15 countries, members as young as 4 and as old as 90, members from a variety of cultural, personal, and professional backgrounds. We share an aspiration to bring this practice as taught to us by Suzuki Roshi in the world.

To become a member today, go to or contact the Community and Membership Manager at


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  1. Scott Lowe
    Oct 20 2016

    I’m a member of San Francisco Zen Center because for me it is a bright, steady light, a beacon of sanity in an increasingly dark and violent human world that has lost all touch with the wisdom, kindness, patience, and noble devotion to the Way that characterizes Buddhists in general and all the students, teachers, and supporters of Zen Center in particular in its various incarnations here and around the world.
    –Konen Scott Lowe

    • Timothy Sandoe
      Nov 4 2016

      Hi Konen,
      Thank you for your message. It’s really inspiring to hear about your motivations.

  2. Dugald McCullough
    Oct 31 2016

    I grew up in Northern Ireland, a society tearing itself apart due to religious conviction. I am a member of San Francisco Zen Centre because SFZC religiously honours not knowing, and at some deep level, that helps me breathe.

    • Timothy Sandoe
      Nov 4 2016

      It’s wonderful to hear that SFZC helps you, Dugald. Thank you!


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