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December 9, 2015


In Shundo Haye’s Photographs, “All Things Are Like This”

This month Shundo David Haye presents a show of his photography, highlighting favorite themes.


Artist’s Statement

I was given my first camera when I was eight years old. It is now ten years since I bought my first digital camera; I am just moving onto my fifth. Exploring the almost unlimited potential of digital photography has gone hand-in-hand with my years of deepening practice, at City Center and at Tassajara, and it is hard for me to separate the two. These pictures cover some of the recurring themes I find myself drawn to—the shapes and colours of the city, the boundless beauty of the steady mountains and the shifting skies, the deep presence of trees. I would aspire to follow Dogen when he says in the Tenzokyokun: “Do not lose either the eye of oneness or the eye that discerns differences.”

December 1 – 31, 2015
in the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street, San Francisco
(no reception)


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  1. Dec 9 2015

    I’m impressed as always by the eye of zen that surfaces in your pictures, Shundo. So many of the images are like the delightful snapshots our eye takes after a long sit.
    People sometimes compliment my own amateur photographs and I smile inwardly: I just push the button at what I once overlooked. To me your photos shout and laugh, “Sit!” I salute and thank you for your careful button-pushing, Shundo.


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