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January 14, 2015


The Way of Tea at City Center

The Japanese tradition of chanoyu (literally “hot water for tea”) developed centuries ago, heavily influenced by Zen practice, by the understanding that there is no separation between our ordinary practical life (eg, cleaning the tearoom, making a bowl of tea) and our spiritual life. It may be described simply as boiling water and formally preparing and offering a bite to eat and a bowl of whisked green tea to guests. It is a mindfulness practice, a social gathering, a heart-to-heart meeting of host and guest. Its study encompasses Japanese arts such as calligraphy, flower placement, cooking, garden design and incense appreciation.

Chanoyu should be made with the heart, not with the hand. Make it without making it, in the stillness of your mind. —Hamamoto Soshun (d.1986)

should be made with the heart,
not with the hand.
Make it without making it,
in the stillness of your mind.
—Hamamoto Soshun (d.1986)

This City Center class is in the Urasenke tradition of tea. It includes the basics of both making tea and being a guest at a tea gathering. It is appropriate for those who wish to enter the study of tea, as well as those who are interested in Japanese culture and would like to become more comfortable as a guest at a tea gathering. Prospective students are encouraged to first visit a class or attend a tea gathering at Green Gulch (See the Way of Tea Program at Green Gulch).

The City Center class meets on an ongoing basis on Monday afternoons, three times a month. The first class of 2015 will be February 2. However, interested students are welcome to inquire about joining at any point.

Fees: $80/month. (Partial scholarships are available for Zen Center staff.)

For further information, including times, registration and details, please contact Meiya Wender at 415-383-3134, or

Meiya has studied the Way of Tea for many years, including a year at the Urasenke Midorikai program in Kyoto. She leads the Way of Tea Program at Green Gulch Farm, which offers classes as well as monthly tea gatherings where the public may register to attend as guests in the Sowing the Moon Teahouse.

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  1. jen
    Jan 20 2015

    What time are the classes held on Mondays?

    • Jay Pennington
      Jan 20 2015

      Thanks for your interest, Jen! Please contact Meiya directly (details above) for more information.

  2. Apryll Nakamura
    Jan 24 2015

    Could you please let me know the Monday afternoon time the chanoyu classes will be?

    Also, do you know if there is any assistance for someone that wants to go to Green Gulch but does not drive? I would be willing to carpool and pay for gas.

    Thank you for your assistance,


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