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September 30, 2014


What Is Happiness to You?

Albert Schweitzer said, “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” According to Mahatma Ghandi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” And George Burns said, “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

Photo: Clare Hollander

Photo: Clare Hollander

Definitions of happiness may in fact be infinite. Sangha News wants to know yours. What is happiness to you?

(See below for the responses from readers.)

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  1. Oct 1 2014

    Happiness is having a warm cat share the bed.

  2. Nancy Gearty
    Oct 2 2014

    Happiness is feeling like I am flying while SCUBA diving.

  3. Hilda Sanchez
    Oct 3 2014

    Happiness is, being at the present moment.

  4. tamo noonan
    Oct 3 2014

    Happiness is finding out that what a mentor told you has truth…Happiness is awaking at dawn, and realizing the radiant energy is male & female…Happiness is [for a man] finding a woman with the mystery of full moon in her eyes…Happiness is growing old and wise…

  5. Sandra Arcement
    Oct 5 2014

    Happiness is being in the present and creating.

  6. Jay Pennington
    Oct 7 2014

    There’s more! Here’s what people said on SFZC’s Facebook page this week:

    Patricia Seaton:
    Happiness is a crochet hook, some great yarn and someone wonderful to make something for.

    Clare Hollander:
    Happiness is…..frozen Reese’s peanut butter cups and SFZC. It is rain and the moon. Interconnectedness with everything and everyone. It is helping others. It is felt in the heart. Precious. Often unexpected and unexplainable. This moment. This one, too.

    PoetMoon SkyMoon Rivers:
    Happiness is what develops from our being able to accept whatever arises in the moment without believing in any of the negative interpretations or judgments.

    Tony Head:
    Happiness is …murder mysteries and the Heart Sutra…that Taylor Swift song and Reb singing “Bye Bye Blackbird” at Dharma talks. Comings and goings. No rhyme or reason. The non-duality thing … it’s all good. That’s happiness.

    Reya Mellicker:
    Happiness is fleeting. I’m more interested in other situations, the satisfaction that accompanies work well done, for instance.

    Patrick Rivera:
    Happiness is.

    Mary Scheib:
    Well, George Burns makes me laugh…

    David Kiferbaum:
    Happiness is staying present!

  7. Cheryl Morgan
    Oct 7 2014

    Happiness is Awakening to Inner Peace.
    Happiness is a Deep Breath.
    Happiness is a Call to Loving Action.

  8. Kim Koei
    Oct 7 2014

    Happiness is discovering that the collective noun for bunnies is a ‘fluffle’!

  9. Mila
    Oct 7 2014

    Happiness is remembering I am One with Everything

  10. Treya Judith Auge
    Oct 8 2014

    Happiness is loving and feeling loved as big as the sky!

  11. Kate Lynch
    Oct 11 2014

    Happiness is when I stand still in nature, take a deep breath, and suddenly know in that moment everything is perfect.

  12. Oct 12 2014

    Happiness is the profound realization that there is nothing to run after or rush for … Happiness is the way – there is no way to happiness.

    Just came across this and felt like contributing.

  13. Cole Fulwider
    Oct 14 2014

    Happiness is enjoyment in the complexity.


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