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April 29, 2014


Green Gulch Launches Guest Program Apprenticeship

October 14 to January 27
Applications now accepted

The Green Gulch Farm Conference and Retreat Center, with its serene environment for personal retreats, meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops, is pleased to now offer an apprenticeship program. The new Guest Program Apprenticeship provides practical experience hosting guests in a temple environment while living in residence and following the practice schedule.

Guesthouseexterior3_wenderski_x350The daily work practice of the Guest Program crew emphasizes attention to guests, guest house care, and conference preparation, through activities such as making beds, cleaning, preparing meeting rooms and working in the front office. Zen training, with its emphasis on the awareness of body, feeling and thought is the basis of our effort to interact gently and harmoniously with one another and in our role as hosts in the temple.

Guest Program Manager Anna Thorn describes the spirit of the program this way:

Welcoming all beings is the way we originally are, as we are originally together, interdependent, interrelated. We are with each other from the beginning. And we are singularitiesówe are particular and unique. We become aware that we touch each otherís world in a moment of presence. This place of meeting is our place of practice as host and guest, and guest and host. There is no continuity between two singular beings. There is nearness, but even in extreme nearness there is a difference. To meet or to come into contact is to touch a different world, a different mind. In this contacting we need to be utterly respectful of ourselves and others. Expressing respect to everyone is an art of little gestures and subtle distinctions in choosing words and tones at the right time. This is an aspect of what we describe as intimacy in practicing welcoming all beings together.

IMG_5360_x350The Guest Program Apprenticeship is one of several entry-level work practice apprenticeship (WPA) programs available. See the Guest Program Apprenticeship page on the website for details and an application.

(Photos by Steph Wenderski)

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  1. Michele Tucker
    May 7 2014

    Hi I’m very interested in the Green Gulch Guest Program Apprenticeship coming up in October. I’m somewhat of a new practictioner of Zen Buddhism and it has become one of the most important aspects of my new life in recovery. I’m interested in receiving information regarding certain pets (i.e., my cat) being allowed onto the premises for either your Program, or similar Programs in the area. I understand this is probably a strange inquiry, yet I wouldn’t think of leaving my pet in someone else’s care for that period of time. Needless-to-say, being selected into a Program such as this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, yet my responsibility as a pet owner is also very important. Is it at all possible to receive some imput/info regarding this issue? I would greatly appreciate it. I wish the Zen Center and ALL its members further success in both its global and domestic missiOns. Thank You.

    • Anna
      May 8 2014

      Hi Michele, Thank you for your interest in the Green Gulch Guest Program Apprenticeship. Unfortunately we can not accommodate pets to accompany participants of this apprenticeship program. Anna


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