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February 14, 2014


Work and Stay: Volunteer for a Special Spring Work Period at Green Gulch Farm

Please consider joining us for a week or more between April 12 and May 3 for this special Work Period to make necessary improvements to structures and tend to the surrounding land.

IMG_0640_workweekggf_frame_x350The Work

For 40 years, Green Dragon Temple / Green Gulch Farm Zen Center has provided a unique locale and community for Zen practice, intentional living, organic farming and gardening, land stewardship and spiritual renewal. At the heart of Green Gulch are the zendo (meditation hall) and adjacent Cloud Hall, the largest and most centrally located residential structure at Green Gulch Farm.

This spring Zen Center will see the beginning of a major renovation and remodeling of Cloud Hall, planned to improve student housing and provide additional program space for classes, retreats and workshops. (Read more about this project: PDF) At the same time we will be doing major roof repairs on the Lindisfarne Guest House and refinishing the floor in our main dining room.

Cloud Hall (Photo: Mason Smith)

Cloud Hall (Photo: Mason Smith)

While our contractors are getting started on these big projects, the community of residents and Work Period guests will join in the renewal of Green Gulch and the watershed. Working together in the spirit of maintenance and stewardship, we will provide support with preparations (such as helping to empty Cloud Hall and painting the dining room before the floor work begins) and undertake additional repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds and throughout the 115-acre Green Gulch valley.


The Stay

We will be offering free accommodations in the Guest House (possibly accompanied occasionally by dust and noise), delicious vegetarian meals and fresh-baked Green Gulch bakery bread, meditation instruction and dharma teachings, and the camaraderie of work and practice to volunteers who are able to join us for a week or more between April 12 and May 3 (space permitting).

Work during this special three-week period will include general preparations for the Cloud Hall renovation, maintenance and improvements to other buildings, and work on the watershed to preserve and increase native habitats, prevent erosion, care for our salmonid creek, and maintain and create local Green Gulch trails.


Thiemo Blank

Thiemo Blank

Work will be physical. We especially want to encourage guests who can offer skills in construction, maintenance and landscaping, but anyone who is willing to get dirty and work hard is warmly welcome. Commitments for a full week or longer are preferred and will be given priority. Introductions for those new to a Green Gulch work week will be given on Saturday evenings.

To apply, please complete and submit this application form (Word / PDF) as soon as possible, but no later than March 15. Confirmations may not be available until late March. Please let us know if this timing is inconvenient and we will do our best to accommodate your planning needs.

The Work Period will be led by Thiemo Blank, Plant Manager, and Sukey Parmelee, Land Advocate. Applications should be directed to Catherine Gammon, at


  1. Kathy Eagle
    Feb 19 2014

    Interested in work on the garden and can paint and do some small repairs. ie. putty & sanding, fix appliances with luck, trimming & planting, tile work, simple house repairs, tend bees , help lift, game to try new things. I’m retired so can volunteer for a week.

    • Catherine Gammon
      Feb 20 2014

      Thank you for your interest. Please download the form linked in the article and send it by email to me. Thank you very much.

  2. Kathy Eagle
    Feb 19 2014

    Comment above concerning Green Gulch spring maintenance and construction prep.

  3. Ann Porter
    Feb 19 2014

    Just looking ahead to 2015: Will you offer Work and Stay: Volunteer for a Special Spring Work Period at Green Gulch Farm
    with Thiemo Blank, Plant Manager, and Sukey Parmelee, Land Advocate in 2015 at about the same dates (so that I can plan vacation time to participate). Thank you, Ann Porter

    • Catherine Gammon
      Feb 20 2014

      Ann, this is a special event for 2014 because of the Cloud Hall renovation. We usually have a one week work period in the spring and a watershed work week in the fall and probably that is what will happen in 2015.

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