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TassNow: Light at the End of the Tunnel

WOW! The end of the 2013 Summer Guest Season is almost here, but there are a few amazing cabins still remaining from Sept 1-6.

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Featured Photo, August 20

Photo by Valerie Boquet
Snapdragons in the Green Gulch Garden Read more


Green Gulch Watershed Volunteer Opportunities Offer Time Together Caring for the Land

If you have enjoyed the natural setting of Green Gulch Farm—the pristine slopes on either side leading out toward the ocean—you know what a treasure this beautiful watershed is. Our wider sangha members are key players in maintaining it. Read more


Opportunity for Service: AV Volunteers Needed on Saturdays and Midweek

San Francisco Zen Center is looking for volunteers to help our audiovisual (AV) coordinator with the recording of our Dharma events, especially for Saturdays and the upcoming Establishing the Path of Practice (EPP) Program this fall. The AV volunteers will assist in recording Dharma talks and/or classes, and help in posting audio/video recordings to the SFZC website. They will work with and be supervised by the AV coordinator, Marcus Marchesseault. Read more


Learning the Way of Tea: A First-Timer’s Tale

By Amity Bacon, Writer and Zen Practitioner at San Francisco Zen Center

Like most Americans, I had never been to a tea ceremony before I visited Green Gulch Farm Zen Center for a Sunday tea gathering. Truth be told, I really had no idea what a tea ceremony was or how it was related to Zen, which made it all the more mysterious and alluring when I discovered it on the Zen Center’s calendar. Read more


Volunteer with Kids in the Green Gulch Garden and Farm

Would you like to explore the life of a bee through the eyes of a child, visit a beehive, and taste a drop of honey on a sorrel leaf? Would you enjoy digging through the compost pile and teaching a child what plants need in order to grow? Come join our team of environmental educators and learn to guide small groups of school children through the garden and farm at Green Gulch. Read more


In the Midst of It: An Interview with Keiryu Liên Shutt on Embracing Change

Article by Kogan Sheldon, Program Assistant

From childhood through her most recent work and practice challenges, Keiryu Liên Shutt has learned in the midst of it, and has evolved the healthy, creative path she walks today. Liên’s devotion to both her Zen practice and her work in social services is evident in this conversation. She combines experience and strength from both areas in her workshop Embracing Change: Zen and the Art of Creating a Life You Want. Read more


Coming of Age Program Ramps Up for Another Year

The Zen Center Coming of Age Program provides an opportunity for 7th- and 8th-graders to meet together regularly over nine months as they explore this important transition period in their lives. The program is marked by opening and closing ceremonies, and includes some overnight stays or trips as well as the regular monthly meetings. This year’s opening day is September 8. Read more