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July 9, 2013


Gay Pride Parade 2013: Photo Gallery

Photos by Ravi Chandra

A visual summary of San Francisco Zen Center’s participation in the Pride Parade on June 30, 2013. The contingent included participants from City Center, Green Gulch, and Tassajara, as well as Hartford Street Zen Center and the wider sangha. Before the march, participants helped with onsite preparations of the “floating zendo” and garden starters from Green Gulch Farm.

Click on individual photos for expanded views. Then use the back button on your browser to return to the gallery.


  1. Qayyum Johnson
    Jul 10 2013

    I wasn’t able to attend the parade but my heart swells with joy seeing these pictures! I’m very happy to be a member of SFZC. How wonderful that our community participates in this celebration of the harmony of difference & equality. Deep bows & gratitude.

  2. Daryan Rezazad
    Jul 11 2013


    The brown font color on grey background makes the text invisible!

    And the red on grey makes it tripy and hard to read.

    What’s wrong with black and white?


    • jaypennington
      Jul 11 2013

      Thanks for the feedback, Daryan. I wonder if there might be a screen issue on your end.

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