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September 5, 2012


SFZC’s Senior Living Community Update

Report from Vice President Susan O’Connell

In alignment with our mission to “make accessible the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha,” San Francisco Zen Center has been developing ideas for an innovative Senior Living Community to support Zen Center’s elders, as well as people from all walks of life, to continue on a spiritual path as we age.

Many of you know of this project from the surveys we have done. Almost everywhere I go I am asked about how the project is going. I am very pleased to report that the project is very much on track.

We have also been working with Rev. Jennifer Block to create the curriculum for training the staff and residents of the proposed community in what we are calling “Contemplative Care.” We know that this senior community needs to be more than a collection of buildings. It will only meet our vision of a “new way of being together as we age” if we train ourselves to not turn away from others but rather to stay present with an open heart and listening mind. Please read the forthcoming article in the Sangha News of September 19 on the year-long training offering that will begin in January.

Also, for the past five years, we have been partnering with an ethically aligned organization that has deep, successful and long-term experience in the field of operating Senior Living communities: Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services (NCPHS). In this time, we have accomplished many of the initial steps necessary to provide a foundation for a harmonious partnership and successful project.

Currently we are finalizing an agreement between our two organizations that clarifies how we will be making decisions. Recently Zen Center, through the generosity of a long-time donor, raised $3 million to fulfill its portion of the required initial $16 million of development capital for this phase of the project. With the agreement signed and the development capital in place, we are now ready to look for the best possible location for us to develop this community. Ideally this location will be within one-hour north or south of San Francisco. If you know of any land or facility that would be zoned residential or have the potential to allow for approximately 240 units of senior housing (25-50 relatively level acres), please contact Dave Latina at:

Once the location is found, and site control is secured, here is what can happen next:

  • A design team will be engaged to create a site plan for the physical layout of the community, and we will obtain preliminary cost estimates.
  • We will create a Continuing Care Marketing package that describes the basic elements of the location and our innovative approach.
  • Upon obtaining approval from the State of California, we will be open to receive $1,000 refundable deposits.
  • If there is a significant response to this opportunity to place a deposit, we will expand our outreach and marketing to the next phase, which may include building a model unit.
  • We will then be in the position to receive deposits based on 10% of the costs of a unit.
  • If we are able to secure 70% of the units with these 10% deposits, the funding for the construction of the Community can be secured to allow acquisition of the site and start of construction.

In order to keep the project moving forward while the location is found and vetted, Zen Center is seeking contributions towards a goal of $100,000, which will be used to support the hiring of a project manager and to further develop the Contemplative Care training model. The project manager will be critical in helping to facilitate creative communication between Zen Center, NCPHS and senior housing regulatory agencies. With such support, we can further develop our unique vision for our innovative senior housing community and contemplative care model and seek solutions to obtain necessary approvals in areas like design, communications, programs, food, environment, staffing and training.

If you are interested in giving, please contact: Manager of Leadership Giving. Please go to the Capital Campaign web page to make a donation and find out more about this project.

In “San Francisco Zen Center Celebrates 50 Years” on Forum with Michael Krasny, Aug 27, SFZC’s Vice President Susan O’Connell commented on the Senior Living Community project. Also participating in the interview and discussion were Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky and Senior Dharma Teacher Zoketsu Norman Fischer.


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  1. Frank Kilmer
    Sep 5 2012

    Please forward this to Ms. Susan O’Connell:

    Dear Susan,

    I’m so glad that you at Zen Center are going ahead with this project. Such a community could be a model for a new type of senior living.
    I’m interested in a future residency there, and I would be interested to apply for the “project manager’s” position that you mention in the update. I’m a licensed contractor, managed the GGF zendo renovations in 1991-2, and have been practicing for 35 years.

    thank you,
    Frank Kilmer

  2. Jean Kirby
    Sep 5 2012

    Very exciting to read about this senior community,fantastic project-thrilled to see it is being taken on.Gassho,Kirby

  3. John A Caruso
    Sep 5 2012

    If there is any way I can assist you in this endeavor of “Comtemplative Care”, let me know.



  4. Sep 5 2012

    What great news. I have been hoping that something like this would be in the offing.


  5. Pat Hendricks
    Sep 5 2012

    I am very pleased to hear this project is moving along. Currently I live in a condominium which is a group of people, but sadly it is not a community, much less a sanga.
    May this project reach success!

  6. Winnie
    Sep 6 2012

    Please keep me updated on your progress. I’m interested in future residency there.

  7. Brian O'Grady
    Sep 8 2012

    I filled out the survey forms several years ago and have anxiously awaited news of this project. As a long time member of SFZC, I look forward to the next step. Since you appear to get many questions, Susan, perhaps you can do a quarterly update.

  8. Kathleen Finigan
    Sep 12 2012

    As a professional writer/publicist with some marketing experience [retired, and a prospective resident], I would be happy to help with writing and/or editing the Continuing Care marketing package.
    This is a welcome – and sorely needed – project for aging practitioners.

  9. Pamela Lund
    Sep 17 2012

    So happy to hear about this project –please put me on the list for future residency -this is so needed- love to help anyway I can blessings,pamela

  10. Elyse Mergenthaler
    Jul 15 2016

    Please put me on the list to be notified and considered for occupancy.
    Sounds Great!

    • Sangha News editor
      Jul 15 2016

      Dear Elyse,

      Of course we’ll put you the list! Glad to hear you’re interested.

      Sangha News editor

  11. Jul 30 2016

    Please put my name and email address on your list of people who are interested in and want all the information available about this Senior Living Project of SFZC. Very appreciative of this effort.

    • Sangha News editor
      Aug 1 2016

      Dear Fiona,

      We’ve put your name on the list. Thank you for your interest.


  12. John Szostek
    Dec 7 2016

    My wife, Jan, and I filled out the survey in April. We are very attracted to the project and would appreciate being placed on a list of potential residents. If you have a list for communication we are interested as well. From the survey it appeared you had acquired land. Is that true, and at what stage of development is the project?

    John & Jan Szostek

  13. Dec 28 2016

    Hi there, I have also been following the development of this project and am very interested. It’s been hard to get information. Please put me on the list!
    Thanks so much,
    Lorinda Hartwell

  14. LucĂ­a arce
    Mar 9 2017

    Thank you for all you do, especially about this project. I would love to be a resident there. Please keep sending me emails so my husband and I can apply when you start to take applications.
    Thank you.

  15. Mary Rodriguez
    May 15 2017

    I am very much interested and excited about the possibility of in living in a community as you have described it. Please keep me updated about cost , etc. I’m looking at senior living places now and am not very pleased at what is available. Do you have any idea when this will come to fruition?
    Thank you!
    Mary Rodriguez
    May, 2017

    • Susan OConnell
      May 16 2017

      We just sent out another survey today. Please make sure we have your contact information by filling out the form on our website –


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