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May 30, 2012


Featured Photo May 30

A Buddha statue from China, several centuries old, that was donated to Zen Center.

This statue is in the City Center Dining Room at 300 Page Street. Restoration work was recently done to prevent the wooden statue from deteriorating. The curtains behind it are now kept closed to help preserve it. The mudra is the gesture of perfection of supreme enlightenment.

Photo by Shundo David Haye.

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  1. Lucy Xiao
    May 30 2012

    Hi, It’s Lucy from Zen Center. I happened to have translated a certificate for this wooden Buddha when it was donated to Zen Center a couple of years ago.

    The certificate for the statue was issued by the Bao Long Tang (The Hall of Treasured Dragons) Fine Arts Appraisal Center in Beijing in November 1998. It says:

    “The wooden-carved and color-painted statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in seated meditation was made of ‘golden-thread’ Nan wood. It was made around the 10th century (Song – Yuan Dynasty). It is a Chinese-style Buddha statue that was seen in the temples in Northern China in that period of time.”

    Well, it’s more than several centuries old and we can only imagine what colors it was painted with!

    • Web Editor
      May 30 2012

      Hi Lucy, thank you for these details. Ten centuries!


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