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December 27, 2011


New Year’s at Zen Center

New Year’s Eve at City Center, begins at 8:30pm

New Year’s Eve at Green Gulch Farm, begins at 8:00pm

New Year’s Day at City Center, 9:00am

Great Bell at GGF

Great Bell at Green Gulch

City Center New Year’s Eve Schedule:
8:30pm Work Meeting, jobs assigned to “teams”
10:00pm Noodle Soup
10:30pm Han signals zazen in the zendo
10:45pm Zazen begins, during which the densho will be rung 108 times
12:00am Bonfire in the courtyard

Green Gulch Farm New Year’s Eve Schedule:
8:00pm Zazen in the zendo, during which there will be a break for noodles
The Great Bell will be rung 108 times during meditation
12:00am Bonfire and hot drink

New Year’s Day at City Center:
9:00am Procession to various altars, followed by a New Year’s toast on the roof



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  1. Courtney
    Dec 29 2011

    Are the activities on New Years Eve open to anyone? I just started practicing Buddhism and have never been to the Zen center so I am not familiar with what has been described but may a newbie attend?

    • Web Editor
      Dec 29 2011

      Yes, the New Year’s Eve events are open to all. If you have no experience in meditation, you can sit as well as you are able, and there are chairs available. It’s a great way to experience New Year’s Eve, so I hope you will attend.


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