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Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally, Piper Murakami.

Board Election 2015 and the Return of Paper Ballots

The San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors presents the following list of nominees for three-year board terms, commencing January 1, 2016: Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally and Piper Murakami. Read more

member meeting photo

Membership Meeting on October 23

Dear Members:

We are happy to announce that this year the membership meeting will be live streamed so that you may join from anywhere in the world!   Read more

Group of students at Tassajara in the fall 1967, with Suzuki Roshi (center) and Kobun Chino Roshi (behind). If you were there too, can you spot Dot? (Photo by Minoru Aoki.)

Memoir from the Early Days

From SFZC member Dot Kostriken

Dr. Dorothy Kostriken, a longtime member of San Francisco Zen Center, shares some memories about some of the earliest days at Tassajara in 1967, practicing with Suzuki Roshi, and how these days, at age 81, she is relating to Zen practice and to SFZC. The first practice period at Tassajara was held in 1967, and tangaryo would take place more often than it does now, for anyone interested in joining the students for any extended time. Tangaryo, a kind of traditional sitting initiation at a monastery, would last from one to three days at Tassajara during that time.
Read more

Practice period group at Tassajara with Tatsugami Roshi (center) and Joanna Bull (furthest right, standing).

Supported by Community, Grounded in Practice

Joanna Bull, an SFZC member for five decades, tells her story from the East Coast

In 1968 a young woman, Joanna Bull, was spending a few months in Woodstock, NY. A guest of Bob Dylan’s manager, she hung out with Bob and the Band, listened to great music and looked for a clear path amid the big party. While living on the compound (built in 1812), Joanna saw a ghost. Intrigued, she made a trip to the bookstore, where she discovered Alan Watts’ The Spirit of Zen. Read more


Important Announcement for Members: Please Read

Dear Dharma Friend:

We are profoundly grateful for your continued support of San Francisco Zen Center. Your contributions support the practice of so many people in our local temples and throughout the world. Thank you.

Due to an unavoidable change in computer systems, we need to re-enroll all members who make recurring credit card payments. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience. Read more


Shine One Corner of the World—Membership Matters!

The ancient bodhisattvas found joy in doing small things, encouraged by the famous words in the Lotus Sūtra, “to shine one corner of the world.” It is enough if you just shine one corner of the world. That is enough.  —Talk by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, 1969 Read more


A Thank You from the Abbesses for Your Year-End Support

Photo: Shundo David Haye

Photo: Shundo David Haye

At the turning of the New Year,
at this time of profound change,
at this moment which asks us to come forward and engage fully with our lives,
you have made a difference by supporting San Francisco Zen Center. Read more


Board Election Results 2013

The SFZC Board of Directors wishes to thank the members of Zen Center for their participation in approving the slate of board candidates. Larry Bye, Mark Lachman and Joe Rodriguez will serve three-year terms beginning in January 2014 and completing at the end of December 2016. Congratulations to new and continuing board members for the 2014-2016 term.

Larry Bye, Mark Lachman, Joe Rodriguez

Larry Bye, Mark Lachman, Joe Rodriguez

Hugo M

Member Interview: Hugo Medina

SFZC member Hugo Medina shares what membership means to him in this transcribed interview. Excerpts are also included in a 4.5-minute video along with selections from five other member interviews. To view the video or to sign up for membership, visit our membership page.

What made you decide to become a member? It was a long process. I had been coming out to Dharma talks, and I really enjoyed that. So, then I decided I should do something. Read more


You Already Belong . . . Become a Member!

by Nancy Petrin, Manager of Annual Fund and Membership

San Francisco Zen Center belongs to all of us, and we belong to it. This is true and wonderful. It does, however, provide a challenge for me in my role as membership manager. How do you organize a membership drive and ask those in the community who are not yet members to step forward in that way when they already feel they are members? Read more