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December 29, 2015


Congratulations, Fall 2015 Tassajara Shuso

The fall 2015 practice period at Tassajara saw Djinn Gallagher running the wake-up bell at 3:45 every morning as shuso (head monk). The Shuso Ceremony (also called Hossenshiki, which translates as “dharma combat”) on December 18 was the culmination of her three months of monastic training, and launches her into the next stage of her practice as a teacher.

Congratulations to Djinn and to all the Tassajara monks who participated in the practice period, led by Djinn’s teacher, Ryushin Paul Haller.


Ryushin Paul Haller and new shuso Djinn Gallagher



Richard Larson, Tassajara Tanto Greg Fain, Ryushin Paul Haller, Djinn Gallagher and Nada Odar



Participants in the Tassajara Fall 2015 practice period. Front row: Tassajara Tanto Greg Fain, Tassajara Director Linda Galijan, Senior Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller, Shuso Djinn Gallagher, Benji Myles Cowherd, Jisha Michael McCord



Djinn Gallagher with her husband, Richard Larson



Photos by Shundo David Haye

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  1. Choro Carla Antonaccio
    Dec 30 2015

    Congratulations, Djinn!

  2. Judith Gilbert
    Jan 2 2016

    My darling,

    Somehow, I’ve fallen off the SFZC shuso list, (again), and didn’t get an email or what not to come enjoy your Hosshinsekki.

    Shuso is really going around the zendo and nudging the socks off the meal board before the Abbot goes around, and yet … is a tremendously big deal.

    Great Congratulations! Your pure practice is always communicating your best intention.

    • Djinn Gallagher
      Jan 5 2016

      Judith, angel,

      We had a list down at Tassajara of former shusos,and your address was a blank! Let us know the address and we’ll invite you to the next one…


  3. Mark Price
    Jan 4 2016

    Fantastic! Hope to see you soon,



  4. Gita Gayatri
    Jan 6 2016

    Congratulations dear Djinn…Wonderful to see you glow like the very fan that you fan…Gassho ~ Bows and hugs ~

    • Djinn Gallagher
      Jan 7 2016

      Shindo, lovely to hear from you. Will we be seeing you in a couple of weeks?

  5. Lee Lipp
    Jan 13 2016

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations dear Djinn.

  6. Liping Zhu
    Jan 13 2016

    Great congratulations, Djinn! I am smiling to see your smiles. Sorry to miss your Dharma combat at Tassajara as I am demanded by other Dharma events in the world!
    I sent you my best wishes.
    Deep bows, Dharma sister! Give my love to Richard, i know how important his role is in supporting you on this journey.


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