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December 14, 2011


Featured Photo Dec 14

Congratulations to Green Gulch Fall 2011 Practice Period Shuso Connie Cummings.

Connie, following the December 12 shuso ceremony, stands between Gaelyn Godwin and Tenshin Reb Anderson.

Photo by Renshin Bunce

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  1. Dec 14 2011

    Dear Connie,
    I hope this gets forwarded to you. I wish you great congratulations on completion of your Shuso practice period. I would have liked to come to your ceremony but for the intervention of all manner of life events that are happening just now. You look very composed in the photo above, as opposed to me – I could hardly stop crying after my ceremony was over! – tears of joy and relief.
    Bowing to your great effort,
    Jim Hare

    • Dec 18 2011

      Thanks, Jim.
      I cried during the Apology statement and was barely able to say it. So don’t let the composed look fool you.


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